We have a Party in the Back(end)

No-code is about the frontend.

It’s for minimal viable products (MVPs) and for prototyping. It’s necessary in order to get the ball rolling.

But what about no-code backends?

You’ve got the skills to build a front end. You know how to connect it to an API or backend. But building a backend for your app seems unbelievably difficult.

Even if you know how to code, why is it so difficult to make backends and APIs?

Building backends currently requires more than just writing the code that has to run. It will involve multiple tools besides your editor. Do you know any technologies for deployment and operations? After getting comfortable with this, you will still spend time maintaining your deployment. And what happens when your app needs to scale?

Busywork wants to change that.

Our goal is the ease the development and deployment of backends and APIs by removing both code and DevOps from the process. Backends don’t offer that instant reward of something good-looking and tangible. That is why we believe that the process of making them should be easy and intuitive.

Making backends involves conditional logic, interaction with databases and third-party services. A lot of moving parts. We make it easy and intuitive.

  • Visual programming using functional building blocks
  • Field & variable discovery when defining logic
  • One-click deployment that has your serverless functions running in the cloud within minutes
  • Providing prefab core services such as user management

We don’t want backends to get in your way and limit you. In fact, we want backends to enable your growth by taking your prototypes to production.

What’s next

We have a lot to share about our product and journey. In the meantime, please subscribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter and sign up to get notified when we go live. You don’t have to wait long, trust us – we are right on schedule.