How Busywork Got 100+ Early Subscribers using BetaList

How do you launch a product? And when do you launch your product?

If you launch your product when it is finished, you’ve launched too late. 

The product launch starts before the product is ready. And the process of product launch begins with building an audience. Without an audience to launch to, we might as well launch nothing.

What is Busywork?

Busywork allows anyone to make production-ready and scalable serverless backends without writing code. Our product is a visual programming environment where you can build backends and APIs using building blocks. Everything in Busywork is fully-managed, and deployment is just a click away. 

Getting Ready for Launch

Launching on BetaList was the natural next step after getting out of stealth with some effort to build a following on Twitter. Something that quickly doubled the number of people on the early access list – which had previously been built from referrals and a lot of cold emails. 

In preparation for the launch we’ve created a short checklist. It was short on purpose. Having a lot of items on our todo would hinder us in launching early. We only had essentials on our checklist.

  • Working Sign Up
  • Automated Welcome Email
  • Core Features on Landing Page

The Launch

On November 8th, Busywork launched and opened up for public early access sign-ups on BetaList. This was two days after submitting to BetaList, which is shorter than the 30 day waiting time they inform you about.

Initially, the launch was announced on Twitter, generating some additional traffic to the website. 

Busywork was included in the daily BetaList newsletter the day after being featured on Twitter. The BetaList newsletter produced most of the traffic.

Apart from the obvious, visitors and sign-ups, we have been talking to a lot of the early access subscribers. We’ve asked subscribers to answers two questions in our welcome email,

  • What is your current project?
  • What problems do you see that Busywork can solve for you?

We’ve received a lot of good responses to our questions. We see a lot of new cases where Busywork can help solve problems, which is great. 

People want to do anything from storing data in a table to build entire platforms using Busywork.

Finally, we’ve got confirmation about the demographics of our customers. The BetaList launch hasn’t been targeted towards a specific type of customer, but we’ve observed that early access subscribers fit our ideal customer personas.

What did we achieve?

Busywork managed to get 100+ early access subscribers with only ~300 referrals from BetaList, in only 12 days. 

The numbers from BetaList

  • Visitors: 295
  • Subscribers: 103
  • Conversion Rate: 34.9%

Based on other’s experience, we knew that the amount of traffic from BetaList could be anything from 200 to 2000 visitors. Since we only got ~300 visitors, we are pleased with our high conversion rate. 

How did we achieve that high conversion rate? Our landing page has been ready from day one. It has been part of our idea validation process. 

We have focussed on making a few, but essential things work well on the landing page,

  • Clear CTA
  • A great copy
  • Interactive visual builder
  • Presentation of our core features

Is our landing page perfect? Far from. But the combination of a great copy, clear CTA, and the right target audience through BetaList has been a key to our conversion rate.


Launching on BetaList has been on our pre-launch marketing roadmap all along. 

Initially, we have been building an audience by doing things that don’t scale. 

Before coming out of stealth, we’ve sent out hundreds of cold emails. 

After coming out of stealth we’ve started to interact with people and communities through Twitter, which contributed significantly to our email list.

BetaList has been another step in building an audience. Overall we are satisfied with the results obtained through the BetaList launch. 

Get Early Access

If you want to get updates and first access to Busywork, please visit our website and sign up for early access.

We’ll start sending out beta access to early access members at the start of December 2019.