How Your Needs and Pains Influence What we Build

Busywork is a young company with a product that has just started to take shape. It all started with our idea. Now you are shaping that idea into a product. Without talking to you, we wouldn’t know if our product evolves to match the needs of our customers. At Busywork, we use the lean startup […]

We have a Party in the Back(end)

No-code is about the frontend. It’s for minimal viable products (MVPs) and for prototyping. It’s necessary in order to get the ball rolling. But what about no-code backends? You’ve got the skills to build a front end. You know how to connect it to an API or backend. But building a backend for your app […]

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Learn to Code

This might well be the result down the path from your fifth Google search. A journey that started with an optimistic you and a search query like ‘How do I learn to program in a week?’. But now you are here. Looking for confirmation of the contrary. Ending up here is an inevitable outcome for some. […]