User Authentication in Webflow using Busywork. Part 1: Setup & User Sign Up

Do you know how to add user authentication to Webflow? If not, find out how you can do it using Busywork. This tutorial is the first in a series of tutorials showing how you can use Busywork to do user authentication in Webflow. The series consists of the following parts: Part 1 — Setup & User Sign Up Part […]

How Busywork Got 100+ Early Subscribers using BetaList

How do you launch a product? And when do you launch your product? If you launch your product when it is finished, you’ve launched too late.  The product launch starts before the product is ready. And the process of product launch begins with building an audience. Without an audience to launch to, we might as […]

How Your Needs and Pains Influence What we Build

Busywork is a young company with a product that has just started to take shape. It all started with our idea. Now you are shaping that idea into a product. Without talking to you, we wouldn’t know if our product evolves to match the needs of our customers. At Busywork, we use the lean startup […]

We have a Party in the Back(end)

No-code is about the frontend. It’s for minimal viable products (MVPs) and for prototyping. It’s necessary in order to get the ball rolling. But what about no-code backends? You’ve got the skills to build a front end. You know how to connect it to an API or backend. But building a backend for your app […]

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Learn to Code

This might well be the result down the path from your fifth Google search. A journey that started with an optimistic you and a search query like ‘How do I learn to program in a week?’. But now you are here. Looking for confirmation of the contrary. Ending up here is an inevitable outcome for some. […]